Create your own 3D Selfie

Welcome to Make My Clone

GIFTZ TM feels privilege to introduce the latest technology of creating CLONE/FIGURINE in DELHI NCR.

‘CLONE’ is rapidly replacing the concept of ‘SELFIES’ and soon each of us shall have at least a few of SELF CLONES/FIGURINES. You can preserve your special moments that come once in your lifetime, in the shape of CLONE.

3D Selfie Studios

Six steps to creating your 3D figurine

Each 3D figurine is a combination of innovative technology and precision craftsmanship. See below for our step-by-step guide to creating your own 3D figurine.

1. Make My Clone Showroom


Visit our showroom or call us for an event for a scan .Alternatively send us your pictures online

2. The Scan


3, 2, 1 hey presto! Your 3D scan is ready in an instant thanks to the state-of-the-art 3D scanner and photographic technology we use in our showroom.

3. Make My Clone 3D studio


Our 3D artists perfect your scan by making a few final enhancements in our Faridabad head office.

3. Make My Clone 3D studio


Cutting-edge 3D printers transform your scan, layer by layer, into a lifelike 3D figurine.

5. 3D-printing


When your 3D figurine has been printed we give it a finishing touch . Then it is packed and shipped to you.

6. The Scan


Can’t wait to get your hands on your very own 3D figurine? Then book an appointment in our showroom today!

Book The Appointments

Book the appointments for the guidance and scanning
for the purpose of making the desired CLONE.

Book your Appointment at 9717745666.